A hardwood floor is a lifetime investment. You will probably buy only one hardwood floor in your lifetime; you might as well get it right! Choosing a reputable brand provides you with the assurance that the sale, installation, and service of your floor are backed by trained, experienced professionals.
At Downtown Lumber Home Building Centre we are proud to carry to most reputable brands of Hardwood Flooring in North America

MIRAGE is a leader in the manufacturing and marketing of superior quality pre-finished hardwood flooring, Mirage outruns the competition thanks to

The passion of its people

Its commitment to innovation

Its unique know-how

The strength of its sales network

Visitors to the Mirage brand plants see first hand why they have such an enviable reputation in the industry. Their employees are dedicated to ensuring the superior quality of their products and service every step of the way, from raw material selection to final delivery.

PREVERCO welcomes you to the world of the highest quality hardwood flooring. From the classy, clean look of natural Maple to the warm bold statement of Antique Walnut or the subtle elegance of finely grained Beech, nothing makes a room come alive like a Preverco hardwood floor. Their choices include nine hardwood species, four widths, five grades and a large selection of stains. At Preverco, quality is the rule. The Original™ Series is their company’s flagship product and a benchmark of performance in traditional flooring. A vast selection of species and stringent manufacturing methods ensure precise installation and a result that’s a cut above the rest

SATIN FINISH Hardwood Flooring has been in the hardwood flooring manufacturing business for most of the past century and continues to grow strong in the new millennium. Founded in 1922, quality and innovation have always been the hallmark of their company philosophy. From as far back as the 1920’s, the strength of dedicated people has been the company’s #1 asset. They believe strongly in continued education and growth both for their own employees and their valued customers. Satin Finish Hardwood Flooring cares about nature and the environment, including making your home a healthy place to live in. Satin Finish makes every effort to minimize the use of natural resources and respect all efforts to renew them. Satin Finish financially supports various environmental and reforestation organizations

TARKETT. Tarkett’s comprehensive product lines are recognized industry-wide for high quality, diversity and originality. Based on strong professional expertise, Tarkett provides: the best flooring solutions for all customer needs from large scale commercial to private residential; the most value for the money; the guarantee of long-term top quality and style; and the high level of service that customers expect. The company’s history has long been land-marked by unique product breakthroughs, which have raised the bar, set the standard and defined today’s flooring industry. With a focus on product development and design, Tarkett manufactures flooring solutions for every need from commercial to residential applications, with products that represent the ideal blend of aesthetics, cutting edge technologies and the ability to balance customer needs with environmental responsibility

At Downtown Lumber Home Building Centre we carry other alternative products in flooring such as:

ENGENIERED FLOOR – The right choice for Condominiums

LAMINATE – A quick and affordable alternative

BAMBOO – Durable and Environmentally smart

For further information on the flooring brands that we carry, please feel free to browse some of our most distinguished suppliers: (Please click on the logo to visit website)